The Importance of Play for Children

Education is the most important building block for a child’s future and all parents dream of giving their children a better life and career. We all want our children to achieve the best they can in their lives. However too many parents place too much pressure on children to keep learning that they don’t get spare time for their own entertainment.

Teachers also keep the child busy during the holidays by giving them assignments and homework. Earlier children used to play outdoors, with their siblings or with friends. So, the children easily got a play environment at the home. However, now the time spent by playing is becoming less as compared to the past two decades and parents need to understand that play is an important activity and they should not deprive their child from this opportunity.

Group games allow children to learn the values of team spirit. It also teaches them to cooperate with other members of the team and develop self discipline. This also enables them to face negative situations in life and make them strong when they get defeated. Many studies have proved that children playing games which have lots of violence are likely to be more short tempered and aggressive.

Through play children develop essential life skills. They learn how to interact with their friends and people around them. Playing also reduces fear, anxiety, stress and irritability. Children gain the ability to deal with surprise and change and when playing with friends, kids learn  empathy, compassion, and sharing.

As the school holidays approach, be sure to balance your child’s time with lots of fun and activities. Having fun and playing will ensure they develop essential life skills and grow up to be well balanced adults.