What to consider when buying a playpen

I know what you are thinking, the playpen is going to solve all your problems by keeping your active toddler out of mischief. Although sound in theory, it rarely works in practice. This is because toddler need space, especially if they are quite active and will retaliate (rather loudly) when confined. However, this doesn’t mean the playpen has no purpose in your home, in fact its the opposite. It can greatly reduce your stress and anxiety, but just not in the ways its advertised.

Most smart parents put the playpen to use for their own benefit. I personally use it in my home to partition a corner for my office. It acts as the perfect palisade to protect my equipment and prevent it from being redistributed around the house. Another unexpected use is to put the flat screen tv or christmas tree inside, not the toddler.

What to look for in a playpen

As you are unlikely to use your playpen for your toddler the shape is probably not going to matter too much. To use the playpen to partition an area I would recommend choosing one that is sturdy and has rubber feet to help secure it on smooth surfaces. Toddlers will mostly certainly try to push on the sides and the rubber feet will help prevent the sides from sliding.

Secondly, choose a playpen where the gate mechanism offers easy access for adults. You will probably be using this gate a lot during the day and hurdling over the side is just plain dangerous.

Finally, consider choosing a natural wood or white wash which will blend well with your furniture as its likely to be in your home for many months, possibly even years.

We love the Toddi Playpen from Resort Living, as it seems to tick all the boxes above.  Available in your choice of either six or eight sections, which gives you the ability to customise the playpen to suit your space.

Toddi Playpen
Toddi Playpen, $109.95*