Toys Toddlers Love

As my toddler turns 2 next month, it’s time to spring clean his toy box and make space for another year of fun and adventure.  Looking at his piles of toys, mostly received for his last birthday, I can’t help notice how some toys got hours of attention while others just seem to gather dust over the year. To help you choose toys which your toddler will love, here are my one-year old’s favourite toys and the benefits of play for your child.


The very cranky bear
The very cranky bear


A toddler loves nothing more than sitting on your lap and hearing a story. Usually the same one, over and over again. My toddler’s favourite books are from  The Cranky Bear Collection.  I noticed his favourite books all seem to have a lot in common. Large colourful pictures, a storyline that rhymes and lots of sounds e.g BANG, ROAAAR, WEEEEEE, CRASH, SPLASH and few words per page so there is a lot of page turning to change the scenery and keep them engaged.



push along toys

Push Along Toys

As well as being loads of fun, this wooden toy will also assist in developing the children’s gross motor skills, coordination and imagination. All they need to do is to take hold of the handle and watch how the character comes to life as it is pushed along. Toddlers love it!



push along toys
Step2 – Red Motocycle from Zanui

Ride On Toys

Your toddlers first ride-on provides healthy indoor active fun as they master balance and coordination. Choose a ride on toy that is stable and low, ideally two wheels at the back, so the toy is easy to climb on and off and offers easy balance. Then waits for the screams of fun as your toddler challenges himself to gather speed and navigate the furniture.





Wooden Stacking Rings Toy
QToys – Wooden Stacking Rings Toy from Zanui

Stacking Rings

Stacking rings help your baby develop eye-hand coordination and introduces your baby to the concept of relative size as they learn to sort and stack from biggest to smallest.





Mega Block Wagon
Mega Block Wagon

Building Blocks

Construction toys encourage and enhance problem-solving from a young age. They may also help children develop motor skills and hand-eye coordination, spatial skills, a capacity for creative, divergent thinking, social skills, and language skills. Moreover, kids can integrate their own constructions into pretend play scenarios. There is also evidence that complex block-play is linked with advanced math skills in later life.



Tupperware Shape O Children's Toys
Tupperware Shape O


Tupperware Shape-O

An original Tupperware classic for generations, the Shape-O grows with every child. Babies love this bright rattle ball and can learn to roll, toss and grasp it. Toddlers learn to insert and remove shapes. Preschool-aged children can get a head start, learn to count, mould clay and cut cookies.